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There are several reasons as to why the official Gmail blog is widely considered to be the best source of Gmail help.

Firstly, the said Gmail blog is maintained (updated) by people who are truly knowledgeable about things related to Gmail. Actually, the people who maintain the Gmail blog are part of the team which keeps the Gmail webmail system running. They are therefore the ‘ultimate authorities’ on matters pertaining to Gmail. They are best equipped to give answers to all Gmail-related questions.

Secondly, the said Gmail blog is written in an intelligible way. It is unlike the numerous Gmail forums strewn all over the Internet, which are normally characterized by poor grammar, poor spelling and other things which make them less than user-friendly.

Thirdly, the Gmail blog is regularly updated. Thus, a persons goes through the articles posted in it  can be sure that the information contained there is the latest on the pertinent Gmail-related issue. This makes the blog different from the other Gmail forums, whose threads often contain utterly outdated information.

To the extent that it has a blog maintained by a technical team, Gmail is actually viewed by many people as being somewhat ‘superior’ to other webmail systems like Yahoo Mail and Hotmail: which lack such blogs.

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